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Summary of Rule Changes

Rules 2-65-2, 8-1-1c, 8-4-3a

Intentional Walk.

Rule 3-2-7c Exception (New)


Rule 3-2-15


Rule 3-7-1 Note (New)

Charged Conferences.

Rule 6-1-2b

Pitching Regulations (F.P.).

Rule 6-2-5 Note 2

Infractions by Pitcher (F.P.).

Rule 8-1-2

Hit by Pitch.

Rule 9-6-2

Pitcher's Record.

Rule 10-2-3a

Plate Umpire.

Rule 3-6-12

Bench and Field Conduct.

Rule 10-1-6

Bench and Field Conduct.

Coaches Responsibility

Other Equipment

Hit by Pitch

Courtesy Runner for Pitcher and Catcher

2018 Editorial Changes

2018 Points of Emphasis


Points of Emphasis
Editorial Changes
Rule 2-65-2 Intentional Walk
Rule 3-2-7c Exception
Rule 3-7-1 Charged Conferences
Rule 6-2-5 Note 2 Infractions
Rule 9-6-2 Pitcher's Record
Rule 8-1-2 Hit by Pitch
Rules Summary
Rule 3-2-15 Equipment
Rule 6-1-2b Pitching Regs
Rule 10-2-3a Plate Umpire
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